Homtiky Blender 5 in 1

Pulse,Ice Crush and Smoothie 3 functions in 1 body; 1000W and up to 25000 rpm strong motor; Stepless speed; High-performance grinder; 1.5L high-capacity glass jug; Stainless steel base&blade; 6 super-sharp blades

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Multifunctional blender: Pulse, Ice Crush and Smoothie 3 functions in 1 body, perfect for making cool sorbets, fresh smoothies, fruity yogurt, ice-cold cocktails, milkshakes, fresh pesto.


1000W powerful motor: Equipped with a 1000W and up to 25000 rpm strong motor, enables the blender to process foods and fruits quickly with stepless speed. Crushing ice and making smoothie is easier than before.


Up to 1.5L high-capacity glass jug: 1.5L glass jug is tougher and bigger than other small plastic jug, a ideal companion for processing more fruits and making kinds of smoothie as you like.


High-performance grinder: Homtiky blender is not just a blender or smoothie maker, also a nice grinder.You can use it to grind coffee beans, chilli and other spices you want with the 500g grinding cup. Convenient for your cooking.


Simple and smooth design: Both of the blade and base is designed with the stainless steel which has excellent rust prevention technology, easy to clean. 6 super-sharp blades makes the blender easier to chop fruits completely.



Model: T10 Blender 
Power: 1000W
Voltage: 220V
Glass jug: 1.5L
Grinding cup: 500g


(6 reviews)
by Yasser

Grinder and Blender, 2 in 1

Having owned a lot of blenders previously, I can say with certainty that this has been the best one I have ever owned. In the past I used to blend herbs and shakes in the same blender, which would leave a stench in the mixer due to the herbs, however this is 2 in 1, and can do both things, without buying an extra grinder! I was surprised to see that the jar is made out of glass, which is great for hygiene purposes as plastic can always leave residue of bacteria. The blades itself are stainless stell, so will last for a long time too. Swapping between blender and grinder is as easy as cutting through butter with a knife, literally just remove and plug in. The machine has three modes: 1. Pulse 2. Ice crushing (Very powerful) 3. Smoothie The machine can literally blend anything you like, from hard to soft objects. There is also a timer that one can set, so one does not have to stand next to the blender all the time as it will turn off automatically, once the timer goes off. The roof and ceilings are very water tight and it is nearly impossible to spill anything. Markings are depicted on the glass jar in oz and ml for accurate measuring too.

2018 Nov 10
by W T.

Easy to use and clean

Very practical juicer. Can made very smooththe juice. There is a suction cup at the bottom, which is very stable during operation. And the security settings are very practical, the cups must be installed correctly to operate, can be used with peace of mind. The other reason I feel it good product is that there is a clear indication when finish made the juice it have very clean indication help you take off the cup and won't go wrong. My previous juice machine didn’t have that once I turned the wrong direction, then separated the bottom of the cup from the cup, and the juice spilled out, very inconvience.

2018 Nov 25
by Dev

powerful heavy duty machine

for our curries we needed something powerful. already tried some lightweight high brand stuff but were disappointing . suddenly find this machine and power and material were impressive and price was attractive . so bought it to try and i must say i am not disappointed . used it to ground nuts and make soup and it is very powerful. take less then half of last grinder /mixer . quality built . i am sure we will be using it every day :) . noise is also less then the last one and kids are not afraid of it either :) thanks amazon for such a wonderful product.

2018 Nov 12

Heavy duty,Powerful, large capacity blender; works well, easy to clean. Great!

This is my first blender, it’s 1.75L glass jug and 500g grinding cup. easy to use and clean. I use it makes smoothies for my children. I use it blended my whole coffee beans. It is a high performance, high quality, very powerful. You can use making tips online to make your smoothies and juices and other. Now I can use it makes ice-cold cocktails and coffee cooler in summer. Love it.

2018 Dec 03

Really good blender

I really love it. The instructions were very clear and I was able to use it very well. Does it job really good. It’s also made of thick glass so it can be quite heavy. It is also very quick.

2018 Nov 28

Good value and good quality

When I see blender than a lot better than I imagined, especially the glass jug,give a person the feeling of a kind of high-grade and easy to clean, I am a professional chef but I didn't know what this blender mixing effect race but can achieve my professional requirements,good value, so I strongly recommend this product, I hope so good products can share together with everybody

2018 Dec 05



It is normal for the motor of a new machine to have a slight odor. For the first use, pour water into the glass jar and let it run for two minutes. Then, turn it off for one minute and then turn it back on again for two more minutes. The odor will gradually disappear after several uses.

It would not melt the jug, but blending very hot soup may be dangerous, so we advise you not try it. 

Yes, it can, like small carrot. But we suggest you peel or de-seed the fruit or vegetable if they are big and hard so that the blender can work better.

You can blend nuts by using a glass jar and the blender base.

Please operate your machine as followings:

a. Use the lid to cover the cup properly, then a white bar will appear on the bottom of the cup as shown the figure below.

b. Before starting to grind, the cup should be placed correctly like the following picture.

c. If you want to take the cup out, please rotate it and push downward.

You can wash the jug in the dishwasher.

You can take the blades out and wash it in running water. You don’t need use your hand to clean the blades.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pulse as a rhythmical beating, vibrating, or sounding.

Pulse is a button or a function that it appears in some or most countertop blenders, and food processors. Not every blender has it.

When you press the pulse button the blender or food processor will work at its fastest speed , but it will stop when you release the button. The difference with the other speeds or functions is that the blender or food processor stops when you release the button.

You pulse when you want to process something, but not so much. For example, if you want to chop some veggies, but you do not want to puree them, you can use the pulse function. Start pulsing and stop when the vegetables have reached the desired texture. A great example is when you want to make salsa.

If you continued pulsing or use a another speed you may make a smoothie out of your vegetables.

You may also pulse when blending frozen ingredients, to soften the ingredients.